graffuturism photos

Iso-Stereophonic24 x 36 x 1 inches, 2017Found paper, screen-print, acrylic, ball point pen and white-out on cradled birch panel. Sealed in archival matte varnish. Finished in satin varnish. Framed by artist with found yardsticks.●●On view in the group exhibition ABSTRAKT FORUM Part2 // @abstrakt_forum | Opening this Saturday 07/22/2017 8PM | Krakow, Poland ●●Including works by MADC @mad_c1 POESIA @poesiatrandscend ROBERT PROCH @prochrobert REMI ROUGH @remirough SATONE @satone_satone_satone ●●Curated by @n_nawer & @malinowymaciek ●●#vintagefuturism #midcenturymanipulate #graffuturism #augustinekofie #abstraktforum 📷: @keepdrafting