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During a recent healing my client, who is well aware of the Law of Attraction and thinking positively, asked me for guidance.Her son, living in Chicago, had quit his well paying job and started up his own business. His father, who was unaware of how the Law of Attraction worked, was very fearful and consistently expressed all his negative thoughts.My client tried hard to protect her son from his father's negativity but felt like it wasn't working and everyone was becoming stressed.This is what I was guided to tell her."You are allowing your husband's fear to become your fear as you try hard (from a place of fear) to protect your son. Energetically what you are saying to your son is "I don't trust that you can sort out and face your own challenges. I don't believe in you". So, in actual fact, these are the same beliefs that the father had.Now, of course, she would never say that to her son but this is the unconscious message she is sending him.Rather than come from that place of fear I encouraged her to explain to her son if his father triggered him in any way then there were money beliefs he needed to change.In fact, his father was helping him to uncover his money beliefs and when he truly believed in himself his father would reflect that back to him by not being fearful. Our critics are our biggest teachers!#moneybeliefs #followyourdreams #entrepreneur #encouragement #support #intuitiveguidance #lawofattraction