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Are accidents REALLY accidental!Last week I went bushwalking with 2 friends who also have businesses similar to mine. As we chatted and walked we were exchanging ideas and supporting one another in our work.We climbed quite a steep hill which took a bit of concentration and upon reaching the top there was a platform to ascend where we had 360 degree vistas out to the ocean on one side and to bush clad hills on the other. On a still winter's day the clear air enabled us to see for miles all around. What a spectacular view.Leading the way downhill I was more relaxed and listened intently to the conversation that was going on behind me. In fact what they were talking about sparked a wonderful idea that I could do in my business. However, immediately I went into fear as this idea involved me doing something WAAAAY out of my comfort zone ........ and then WHAM I felt myself trip. It appeared as if I was falling in slow motion and I was able to strategically place my hands down in order to break the fall and do the least amount of damage.Both my feet had caught in a vine and so I fell hard. Miraculously I only strained my wrist a little and there was slight bruising.According to Louise Hay wrists represent movement and ease with the affirmation "I handle all my experiences with wisdom, with love and with ease". By going into fear I wasn't allowing myself to experience the ease of learning something new with love and let the wisdom come to me.So NO I don't believe that this accident was accidental!#nothingisaccidental #letgooffear #welcomenewexperiences #icandoit #bushwalking #friends #support