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Stand in Your Power When Faced With Anger!We teach others how to treat us.Here is a story I shared with my client today when she asked "How do I stop my husband shouting at me". Some years ago we lived on a farm and my husband would ask me to come outside to help him. At times he would get frustrated when things didn't go right. Now I knew he was frustrated and I had compassion for him as I witnessed this but it was not okay for him to raise his voice and take his frustration out on me. The old me would have retaliated and got angry back but this never solved anything; the pattern kept repeating itself.The new me decided to stop what I was doing and say "I feel hurt when you speak to me like that and I no longer will tolerate it." I would then walk away back into the house. This made his problem much greater and he soon learned that he could no longer speak to me in that way. By the way he did come into the house much later and apologise.As human beings all we want to do is feel good. If we feel angry, to relieve that feeling, we transfer it on to someone else which will make us feel better, even if only temporarily. Stand in Your Power and don't be a sponge for others negative feelings.#standinyourpower #relationships #bestrong #walkyourtalk #handlinganger #healingforall #loveworks #loveistheanswer