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Does your child have an addiction?What a great call we had on the Cari Murphy Show, Straight Talk for the Soul last week. One caller rang in saying she felt so much guilt as her son struggled with addiction and she wanted to be able to let this go as it wasn't doing anyone any good.She was right! Guilt is such a wasted emotion.We are energetically linked to other people, especially our children and as we do our healing it has a flow on effect which also gives them an opportunity to heal.To facilitate the caller's healing I was shown a pastlife where she lived in extremely dire circumstances and unfortunately she had to give up her children as she could no longer look after them. She had then carried this guilt with her into this lifetime and her son blamed her for a lot of his problems. We can never heal when we blame others. We can only heal when we take back our power by becoming responsible. On a soul level we chose the lives we are to face in order to heal that part of us which needs healing. This is different for everyone and this is why we all have different struggles.What I saw for my caller was that her son had many lifetimes where he had struggled with addiction and he had chosen her, as a mother, in this lifetime to help him heal. I applauded her as she had chosen (on a soul level) a very difficult life this time. I was in awe of her for firstly, choosing a difficult path and then, secondly, for stepping up to the challenge and wanting to heal.I energetically cleared her from this pastlife so that she could move forward free of guilt. This also enabled her to begin to put up healthy boundaries for herself.By doing this she was giving her son an opportunity to heal as she passed his responsibility back to him.#addiction #healthyboundaries #healyourself #healyourson #energeticallylinked #healcancer #healfromwithin #takebackyourresponsibilities


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