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My firsthand experience of medical evidence showing how emotions create disease!An indicator as to whether ovarian cancer is present in the body is a CA125 blood test. Once I had finished chemo I chose not to have anymore blood tests as intuitively I knew I was healed.Just over 12 months ago I got a new male gynaecologist who wanted me to have blood tests done. I explained to him that I was choosing not to have these CA125 blood tests done. "Oh no, you need to have them done". He said.Once again I told him I didn't want to do that.By the third time that he was forcibly saying to me I needed a blood test and was also writing out a form for me to take to the laboratory I started to get furious.I picked up that form and left his rooms. I sat with that form for 2 days fuming as I had not been heard.Then I thought to myself ... "Well, I will show him!". And off I went for the test.10 days later my GP rang and said "Has anyone told you your blood results.""No" I replied.There there was silence and finally she replied ...... "Oh, they have shot up again". I was furious and devastated at the same time. This wasn't meant to happen.Following this revelation I was scheduled to visit my oncologist and he wanted to start me on chemo straight away.I knew that I had allowed a man to overpower me and gone against my own intuitive knowing and not do what was right for me. So I said to the oncologist "I will be back in 3 months time and we will see how my CA125 marker is then". Reluctantly he agreed.Over those 3 months I continued my Healing Journey and working on doing what was right for me without allowing myself to be overpowered.You guessed it ....... 3 months later my CA125 results had dropped right down again.The medical people were at a loss to explain how that could happen but I knew.Every time we have a suppressed emotion we store that in our bodies and over time this can develop into disease.I had been given firsthand knowledge of that happening.#storedemotions #powerful #suppressedemotions #healdisease #healcancer #findyourpower #listentoyourintuition #onlyyouknow #loveyourself #


I love your story ❤️ thank you for sharing 💜


My pleasure Elisa 💚