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Healing our Father Wounds!Are you feeling a push to step out even more into the world? Be braver, stronger, more visible so that you can be confident in your abilities to make a difference?If you are feeling some fear around this (and let's face it most of us would) then healing our father wounds will help us move through this fear and take guided action.If your father was controlling and over-protective then you may have taken on the belief that he was GOD (the creator of all that is). Whereas, in actual fact, we are all GOD and the creators of our own Universe.How would this show up for you in your life?You wouldn't believe in yourself to create those ideas and dreams that keep popping into your mind. You wouldn't trust yourself; that creative part of you, to bring to fruition that dream. By trusting yourself you don't have to know HOW to create your dream on your own HOWEVER you do have to believe that you will be led to the right people in order for it all to come together.If your father was unavailable, either emotionally or physically, you may have taken on the belief that there is no GOD (creator of all that is) and be unable to trust in your own abilities to create and always looking to someone else to fill that role. You feel you need a man (or someone who carries strong masculine energies) to fulfill your emotional and physical needs and end up always feeling hopeless, helpless and empty.It is time to dig deep and heal those wounds. Become aware of how they show up for you in your life and then TRUST in your own creative energies.It is important to have FAITH and DETERMINATION to turn your dreams into reality.Now is the time to take that LEAP OF FAITH and begin.I am here for you if you need some guidance in discovering what it is that is stopping you from taking that next #trust #determination #fatherwounds #believeinyourself #youcandoit #healingjourney #healcancer #itistime #stepupandstepout


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