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Do you want to be a Guest Host??πŸ™‹ There's a team that picks Video Star users to be a Guest Host. First off a Guest Host MUST be 13 years old or older. If you qualify and you'd like be considered send a link to a favorite video you’ve made using Video Star, also include a paragraph on why you think you'd make a great guest host.🌟 Email it to: guest@videostarapp .comIf you don't know what a Guest Host is, here's some info - Every few days a new Video Star user gets to run the Guest Host channel in the section of the app. It's like a personal Video Star Insider channel where they introduce themselves to the Video Star world, feature people’s videos, talk about Video Star tips and tricks, do shoutouts, and other fun posts. It's great way for the Guest Host to get recognition and, even more importantly, showcase other great Video Star users!πŸ’žπŸ‘­ #videostar app #videostar


Can someone be guest host 2 times ?


Why do you need to be 13?


@c.estvie nope


@_kxte.x_ US internet privacy laws